Uber Turing Machine

Uber Turing Machine 1.4

It is a Turing machine simulator for students and programming enthusiasts
1.4.16 (See all)

It is a Turing machine simulator for students, academics, and programming enthusiasts. It enables to program, visualize, debug, run, and log Turing machine algorithms.

Main Features:

-Convenient creating of algorithms, ability to save and load them on/from a disk.
-Fast adding of repetitive data onto the tape.
-Verification of correctness of an alrogithm and tape data.
-Running and debugging in the three modes: normal, single-step, and a quick mode.
-Logging of program’s execution, advanced output statistics.
-The following sample programs are already included with the Turing machine simulator: mathematical addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, getting the square and the cube of a number (i.e. raising to the second and to the third power, respectively), binary counting, straight/flipped copy of text, and palindrome detection.
-Detailed help documentation is included.
-The portable version of Uber Turing Machine is available.

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